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[ale] OT: Roku

On Wed, 2010-06-02 at 14:05 -0400, Cy Kurtz wrote:
> I've had my Roku for a month or two, now. Had problems close to what you
> describe. Turned out to be heat issues. I moved the Roku a few inches
> away from my dvd player(which for some reason is putting out a lot of
> heat) and turned the Roku on its side. No probs since then.

No heat around my device.  The bad thing about working with Roku support
is that it seems to take about 3 days per reply.  If you reply back to
them expect to get a response within 3 days :(

Here is the reponse:

"Thank you for contacting ROKU customer service. My Name is Sunil and I
will be helping you with your query. We have noticed that the quality
and the streaming issues are due to the DNS server numbers that you are
using on the router to access the nearest netflix servers. We found a
fix that if the router is set with a static DNS number
and this issue can be fixed. I suggest you to call your
router technical customer service and set your router with the above
said DNS numbers."

I'm just not sure I buy it.  I will try it but I can't understanda while
this is only effecting the Roku.  Why would the box be sending out
network queries constantly during streaming?

What I don't understand is how this fixes Roku while Wii Netflix is
having no problems.  Maybe the Roku is doing something the Wii does not