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[ale] BP knew of problems 11 months before the rig blew - further OT

Obviously snipers were deployed in case it was a Korean/Al Qaeda, etc.
terrorist action, so as to prevent another rig from being taken down. Now if
this affair hasn't given ideas of how to wreck the US economy to those who
might care to do so, they must be taking a Rip van Winkle style nap. How
many hundreds of active wells do we have in the gulf? Hopefully those have
better failsafe cutoff valves.


On Thu, Jun 3, 2010 at 3:47 PM, Preston Boyington
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> Lightner, Jeff wrote:
> > Would that be so bad?  Wouldn't it be nice to have a shorter drive to
> > the beach?  If Hartsfield were suddenly beachfront property they could
> > take off over the ocean without annoying folks trying to sleep.  :-)
> LOL!  well I haven't read the article, but a small (low yield?) nuke
> like the US and other countries have in their arsenal doesn't do quite
> that much damage.  from my understanding it's more of a small city size
> area of impact.
> my assumption would be their using small ones like was proposed for
> space shuttle propulsion years ago.
> on a different note; I still haven't heard _why_ snipers were deployed
> to neighboring rigs.  I worked on offshore drilling rigs for years (and
> still have family working thereon) and that was a first for me.
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