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[ale] BP knew of problems 11 months before the rig blew - further OT

On Tue, Jun 1, 2010 at 1:02 PM, Lightner, Jeff <jlightner at water.com> wrote:

> Don't leave - I was just making a joke with my post earlier today.
> This list is mainly OT and will be whether you leave or stay.   On occasion
> it gets out of hand.
> As to the Caldera Linux comment someone made - I actually have a copy of
> that.  One of the things I liked about it when I used it was that it came
> bundled with WABI (they'd licensed it from Sun) so I could run most of the
> Windows 3.11 apps from my other desktop on it without a problem.  When we
> went to Win 95 corporate wide at that job WINE wasn't mature enough to do
> very many apps yet so I had to get a Windows workstation again.
While cleaning this weekend I found my boxed Caldera copy from (time before
math..). Next to it was my old ISA bus 386 board and Matrox video card. I
have missed neither :-)

Somewhere in my cruft is my purchased copy of CDE and ApplixWare. Time for a
dump run...

ALE is a community. The common bond is Linux. But the real "glue" is the
community nature of the discussions. It's been a long time since things
flamed up so bad that people were doing name calling on individuals. Let's
keep it that way!

(name calling on companies has not been ruled on by SCOTUS yet - stay tuned.
I'm sure Steve Jobs will jump on that fight)

Nothing posted here is required reading and certainly not required

Some people see Linux as a software tool while others see it as a software
expression of a philosophy.

ALE currently (as of 30 seconds ago) has 504 subscribers. That number has
been fairly steady for quite some time.  So we are doing something right.

Gmail has a "hide this discussion" feature. I use it 'cause it works pretty

One thing I do see is the BP oil leak fiasco has disturbed many people on
this list. I would not be surprised to see BP sued by all of the other
offshore drilling companies for the damage BP's screwup did to their line of

There's a large group of geology grad students from all over the US
currently in Montana right now. Most of them do or will work for or affliate
with the petrochemical or mining companies after graduation. They are all
sickened by the BP oil leak fiasco. Not a single one sees this as a simple
oops but as a far reaching, total nightmare oops. I think it will directly
affect this group as ultimately gas prices will rise (a lot) and meeting
attendance will drop further.

So stay, go, digest mode, no matter. Like Linux, choice is good. But don't
take personally the ramblings on the list as we produce nothing but an email
stream of sometimes relevant Linux knowledge interspersed with other stuff
that other people find interesting.

But next time I will be sure to add the [OT] which I forgot.

mea culpa

James P. Kinney III
Actively in pursuit of Life, Liberty and Happiness
Doing pretty well on all 3 pursuits
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