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[ale] BP knew of problems 11 months before the rig blew -further OT

On Thu, Jun 3, 2010 at 9:57 AM, Geoffrey <lists at serioustechnology.com>wrote:

> Jim Kinney wrote:
> > True. EarthFirst is often seen as ecoterrorists. Their antics have been
> > very geared towards don't make an eco mess while causing problems for
> > "the man". This BP mess sounds more like NASA bad management calls and
> > the Challenget disaster.
> Agreed.  I think the bottom line is, either they cut corners, or they
> simply did not plan for dealing with such a problem.  Disaster recovery
> should be part of their plan, obviously it was not.
> Agreed. Either is bad. Both is a gross lapse of judgement. It appears on
the surface (no pun intended) to be both. MMS is also in need of some
serious slapping. The splitting into license fees and oversight groups is a
good start.

Maybe the US needs a fleet of the fancy oil skimmers like Norway has to be
deployed on hot standby where ever we have oil traffic on the oceans.

Heh, heh. My snark bone tells me if the skimmers are deployed the company
that sprung the leak pays for the full cost (boats and crew plus overtime,
etc.) of the deployment and the captured oil is sold on the open market and
the funds are used to support research to improve the oil process safety (or
really snarky - alternative energy sources!). Add in punative fines of
highest market value of oil for the 12 months prior to the spill for the
total spill amount multiplied by the number of days or partial days the
leaking occurred.  Makes for quite an incentive to make no mistakes. So
$85/barrel peak price X (low end 5kbb/day X 32 days so far) X 32 days so far
= $435.2M so far. . At the high end of 20kbb/day and nothing stops until
relief wells done in August  (90 days from explosion) is $13.77B.

That will catch the attention of the CFO!

James P. Kinney III
Actively in pursuit of Life, Liberty and Happiness
Doing pretty well on all 3 pursuits
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