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[ale] audio file- evrc-qcp- Iped !!!

On Wed, 2 Jun 2010 09:20:01 -0400
Paul Cartwright <ale at pcartwright.com> wrote:

> On Wed June 2 2010, Scott Castaline wrote:
> > > any clues here? maybe I should just get a droid and solve all my
> > > problems:) my daughter& ?son-in-law BOTH have droids, and I
> > > DON'T !!
> >
> > Hmm! Ya think someone is tryin' to tell ya somethin'?
> oooohhhh!!! I want one!!
> http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2010/06/01/ipad-iped-knock-off-imitation/
>  a droid tablet!!
> Knock-offs of Apple's iPad are starting to hit the Chinese market,
> including a model called -- no fooling -- the iPed. 

If your article and my googling are correct then we just received our 7
inch version of this tablet over the weekend.  It's about $100 shipped:


It has the same guts as the model that looks more like an ipad.  I'm
pretty impressed with the device considering the price.  It is pretty
underpowered, though.

If I understand correctly the arm cpu runs at 300mhz, not 600mhz.  It
is a bit more sluggish that my G1 running at 576mhz.  I don't remember
what the G1 felt like at its stock speed of 352mhz, though.

It has an old school resistive touch screen that seems to work much
better with a stylus.  The screen was very unresponsive until I flashed
an aftermarket firmware.  I hope the community catches up and produces
some great roms like we have for the G1.

We bought it for my father in law so he could check email and do some
light web surfing when he's away from the house.  It is certainly good
enough for that.