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[ale] audio file- evrc-qcp

ok, so instead of creating a video, I thought the easy way out would be to 
just create a small audio file ( on my LG phone of course). copied it to the 
DC card, copied it to my PC.. so now I have a SOUND_FILE.qcp
mplayer, amarok, vlc, all fail to play it.. google turned up this:

http://www.mail-archive.com/pld-cvs-commit at lists.pld-linux.org/msg202458.

Index: packages/mailcap/mime.types
diff -u packages/mailcap/mime.types:1.23 packages/mailcap/mime.types:1.24
--- packages/mailcap/mime.types:1.23    Mon Sep 21 14:58:21 2009
+++ packages/mailcap/mime.types Wed Nov 25 21:04:52 2009


apt-cache search evrc 
turned up zero.

any clues here? maybe I should just get a droid and solve all my problems:)
my daughter & son-in-law BOTH have droids, and I DON'T !!
Paul Cartwright
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