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[ale] raidtools

I've found this link and I'm following it so I can figure out mdadm
equivalents for raidtools :(


I've ran into a problem on auto detection.  I've created the raid with 
mdadm --create ... I reboot and the raid is not autodetected.  the
kernel says "Autodetecting RAID arrays." and then finds nothing.  I have
to manually execute mdadm -A /dev/md0 /dev/hda1 /dev/hdb1 to get it 
to see them.  

I do have md and raid1 compiled as a drive (not module) in the kernel.
What I've been doing is creating a boot CD that will boot a small system
that creates a raid, formats it, loads a tarball into it, installs grub,
and then finish.  I also use this same CD as a restore platform.  The
older version that uses 2.6.10 will autodetect fine on boot.  It uses
raidtools for creation, etc.