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[ale] Suggest a good switch

On Wed, 27 Feb 2008, Atlanta Geek wrote:

> I am looking for a solid switch with at least 10 ports. I just wasted
> a lot of time trying to debug an issue caused by a flaky linksys
> switch. Does anyone have any recommendations.
> Also has anyone had any problems with linksys switches. They have a
> terrible reputation around here.

NewEgg.com currently has some good prices in unmanaged HP switches.
8 port 10m-1gig for $155.49

24 port for $276.99

Not cheap, but good stuff.

I used to get amazing results from LinkSys and NetGear..
but the last few I've bought seem to have a high "brick" factor.
They work, and then they upgrade to a brick.

And I have an old 100mbps NetGear 4 port HUB I use for sniffing
and desktop use that is still fast and rock solid after.. well,
switches were expensive: 2000? 1998?