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[ale] FURTHER OT: GPS/nav units?

I watched the movie "The Lives of Others" yesterday.  It was an Oscar
winner for Best Foreign Film.  It dealt with the East German Stasi

Interestingly the Stasi's motto was given as "We want to know

Having a government that wants to keep track of all your phone calls
(without a warrant) and intercept international phone calls (also
without a warrant) sounds a lot like it is getting to the Stasi motto. 

Too bad the Senate sold us out on Dubya's illegal activities and
provided retroactive immunity for AT&T and others that colluded with
him.  One can only hold the House will continue to hold back on this
provision at least.

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Sid Lane wrote:
> hey,
> am thinking about getting one of these but thought this might be a
> group from which to solicit advice.
> basically I'd like to know if one brand generally better than any
other, are
> the more expensive models worth the cost, etc.
> also, does anyone know about the "tinfoil hat" factor w/these?  are
> models that can they be "flushed"/purged by the owner?  I remember
> that the FBI used one against someone in a murder case and while I
> have no such plans I figure in post-9/11 Soviet USA the less info the
> has access to the better...

Soviet USA???

Have you ever lived in the Soviet Union?

You actually think that's a fair comparison?

Until later, Geoffrey

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little
temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.
  - Benjamin Franklin
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