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[ale] ReSolved: Updated Linux but new Pine doesn't know keystokes!

Alex -
It was definitely a Setup issue as you suggested. I surmise that some 
configuration settings were added or changed since my previous Pine 
version, and their defaults are taking me by surprise. Your pointer to 
'aggregate-commmand-set' was right on target; I bet I'll find a few more 
to adjust, then be back in familiar territory.

I stick with 'pine' because:

  1. It works well through a low-bandwidth remote connection [read: SSH], 
  2. It hasn't been a very frequent target of successful attacks.


  - Mills

On Mon, 25 Feb 2008, Alex LeDonne wrote:

> Make sure your .pinerc has correct (user-writable) permissions
> In settings, uncheck enable-aggregate-command-set
> Quit pine
> Start pine
> In settings, check enable-aggregate-command-set