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[ale] One file, two LANs

William Bagwell wrote:
> Having the only Linux box at my work:) It seems to my simple mind that; A 
> second NIC, a cheep simple LAN, (Or possibly just a direct connection) and a 
> separate partion for the single shared document to live in. Then make sure 
> nothing like Samba server is installed.

I'm not sure I understand what your situation is. Are you saying that 
there are two LANs at your workplace that traffic is not routed between 
and you want to know how to connect your box to both LANs and set up 
some file sharing system (eg nfs, samba, webdav) to serve requests from 
both LANs?

Or are you asking if you need to set up a second LAN dedicated to 
transporting this file? I couldn't see why, so perhaps you could explain 
more. Also, I doubt that you really need a separate partition for 
storing the file, although it's not necessarily a bad idea.

Regardless, I think Mike's suggestions or subversion are a better fit 
with the problem as you've expressed it.

All the best,