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[ale] One file, two LANs

Can a document be shared to two separate LANs with absolutely no other 
bridging or cross accessibility, using a typical Linux desktop distro? 
(Happens to be Mandriva, but I don't think this matters)

An idea was floated, then promptly squashed dead, to allow factory personell 
to keep a simple location spreadsheet updated. Obviously, this could be done 
with a stand alone computer not connected to anything. Naturally the folks in 
the office wanted to access it from the comfort of their office. Impasse...

Having the only Linux box at my work:) It seems to my simple mind that; A 
second NIC, a cheep simple LAN, (Or possibly just a direct connection) and a 
separate partion for the single shared document to live in. Then make sure 
nothing like Samba server is installed.

What am I forgeting?