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[ale] Web server OS

And thus the ever relentless upgrade process continues :-)

Yep. Putting new app on new hardware with old OS is a problem. Old app on
old OS with new hardware is a bigger problem.

On Fri, Dec 26, 2008 at 7:22 AM, Paul Cartwright <ale at pcartwright.com>wrote:

> On Thu December 25 2008, Jim Kinney wrote:
> > RHEL/CentOS updates are security and bug fixes only. Once a release is
> > installed, it doesn't change anything unless it must to fix a problem.
> > Enhancements are not part of the process (That's for Fedora!). Code that
> > will require library changes is not allowed. If an upstream security/bug
> > patch requires a lib change, RedHat will back port the patch to run
> without
> > the lib change. Thus while the current kernel.org kernel is 2.6.28
> (Thanks
> > the present Linus!), security fixes are back ported to the 2.6.x kernel
> for
> > RHEL4/5 and 2.4.x for RHEL3. This same process goes on for core libs and
> > other packages in the release. Thus a custom app for RHEL5 will run for
> the
> > entire life of RHEL5 regardless the changes to the system for the entire
> 7
> > years unless the app relied on one of the problems that gets fixed (it
> has
> > happened!).
> this will bite you though.. 3 years ago I started to install an app on RHEL
> 3.2 . First I ran into a problem when they strung together  6 drives in an
> array to create 1 logical drive. rhel 3.2 only allowed up to 1 Tb file
> systems, and those 6 drives were 300Gb each.. so we had to upgrade to thel
> 3.6. Then, not too much later that same year, dell came out with some new
> hardware for PerC controllers and Broadcom ethernet cards.. rhel 3.6 didn't
> recognize the hardware, so we had to go get new drivers.... As new hardware
> comes out, this old version of red hat suffered, yet the app was only
> certified on rhel 3.6 for the next 2 years. They finally came out with a
> new
> version of the app , and it works on rhel 5.2 !
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