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[ale] Needed, will pay cash for: Portmaster 2E and Modem Rack full of Modems.

On 2008, Dec, 24, , at 1:39 PM, Brian Pitts wrote:

> aaron wrote:
>> Follow up on the Extramadura story with a couple
>> of news stories posted on youtube.  The first
>> item from the BBC talks about the network a bit.
>> Spain (at least their public and commonwealth institutions)
>> is expecting to be 100% GNU Linux in 2009.
> All of Spain or just Extremadura?

All of Spain.  The Extramadura project started about
6 or 7 years back.  The success caught the attention
of national government and they, in turn, have extended
the GNU Linux programs.  My recollection, again from
last year's conversation, is that backing was solicited
from and provided the national government from day one.


> -Brian
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