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[ale] Needed, will pay cash for: Portmaster 2E and Modem Rack full of Modems.

On Tue, 23 Dec 2008, Ed Landa wrote:

>> Anyone got a working decent Lucent Portmaster 25,
>> cables and matching rack full of analog modems left over
>> from the pre-T1/PRI days that they would want to sell?
> I have a bunch of PM3s with modem cards, if using a T1 or PRI instead of
> POTS would fit in your model.  You could have one for next to nothing.

Yeah.. that's my problem, I need to support genuine old fashioned POTS.
T1/E1/PRI is -not- available. This is going to a place aspiring to
be part of the 3rd world.

I'm eBaying.. currently.. poking around. I hate eBay.