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[ale] [OT] Brick Store Pub

Actually more and more Brit pubs are now serving food fit to eat.
It may not be the best you have ever eaten, but certainly good 
enough for a second visit.  
Astounding, but true.

My question about the Brick Store Pub is whether they still allow
smoking after dark?  I am at least as intolerent of smoke-filled rooms
as Aaron is of pseudo-conservative theocratic REpublicans.


On Monday 15 December 2008 12:05:57 pm Jeff Lightner wrote:
> If the food isn't good then that makes it an "authentic British pub"
> doesn't it?  :p
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> Jim,
> Do you have the link to the ratings of pubs on beeradvocate?
> As a Brit, who therefore comes from somewhere where there's at least one
> pub in every tiny village, I'm not certain about the "second best in the
> world" rating, but brick store is indeed a great place (although it's a
> shame that the food isn't better--their excellent pretzels
> notwithstanding).
> Cheers,
> George