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[ale] [OT] Brick Store Pub


Do you have the link to the ratings of pubs on beeradvocate?

As a Brit, who therefore comes from somewhere where there's at least one 
pub in every tiny village, I'm not certain about the "second best in the 
world" rating, but brick store is indeed a great place (although it's a 
shame that the food isn't better--their excellent pretzels 


Jim Kinney (jim.kinney at gmail.com) wrote the following on Mon, Dec 15, 2008 at 
11:28:07AM -0500:
> I received notice today that Beer Advocate has voted the Brick Store Pub in
> Decatur as the #2 beer pub in the world!
> Alas, they are closing early today (3 pm) for well deserved employee holiday
> bash. They will reopen tomorrow at 4 pm to allow employee recovery time.
> Sounds like a party!
> To ALE folks who like beer, I can't recommend a visit to "the Brick"
> strongly enough. For the ALE folks not within 50 miles of Atlanta, with the
> new world status, it may be worth a visit :-)
> http://www.brickstorepub.com
> Note: On a previous visit I got into a conversation with one of the
> wonderful people working the bar. She was amazingly knowledgeable about the
> brewing process and could identify the brewer of specific beers from
> 5Seasons (also HIGHLY recommended - gourmet food and the local brews are
> outstanding).
> http://www.5seasonsbrewing.com
> So for folks looking to "do something" over the holidays, my suggestions
> have been made.
> Disclaimer: I have no affiliations with location other than I've attended
> both locations as often as possible and been entertained by Dennis dancing
> on the tables at Octoberfest at 5Seasons.
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> James P. Kinney III

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