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[ale] Difference between top and system monitor

Jim Kinney wrote:
> does songbird only show individual user processes? The gnome system 
> process applet shows data from everything.
> On Thu, Dec 11, 2008 at 10:32 AM, Scott Castaline <hscast at charter.net 
> <mailto:hscast at charter.net>> wrote:
>     What's the difference between top and the gnome gui system monitor? I
>     noticed in top that Songbird spends most of the time at the top of the
>     list running about 40% - 63% CPU usage, but in system monitor it only
>     shows Songbird at 18% usage.
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In both it just shows up as a single process. When I do a ps -ef it 
appears that the ppid = 1 (root). I do also find it interesting that all 
of a sudden (today) it is using so much time. Previously my cpu usage 
was at a minimal, even with more going on. The only difference seems to 
be a kernel update that happened this morning along with some other 
software. I guess I could try booting into the earlier kernel to see if 
that's it. I don't recall what else got updated. I have also noticed 
that the GUI reports approximately half the usage that top reports per