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[ale] OT- homebrew?

On Mon December 8 2008, Sid Lane wrote:
> quick poll:
> how many Covert Hops alumni are there in ALE?
> how many people know the story behind the club's name?

I used to brew when I lived in Maryland in the late 80's.. learned from George 
Pappazian's book and the original Cat's Meow list. I moved here in '92, found 
out it was illegal to brew, and never touched it again.
coincidentally my SON just started brewing last year ( 2 years ago?) and has 
made some very good stuff! His equipment is a lot fancier than I ever had! He 
graduated from West Ga with a degree in IT, and is now working in Wastewater 
treatment for a large commercial bakery in Douglasville :) I have been 
BEGGING him to switch to linux, but he balks.. He just recently got a new 
laptop, a Dell Inspiron, with Vi$ta ;(
if anyone would like to compare brews or digs about his OS, he can be reached 
Paul Cartwright <pauldcartwright at gmail.com>
he is a proud new daddy, Chloe was born June 24th, and he hasn't brewed since 
her birth.

Paul Cartwright
Registered Linux user # 367800
Registered Ubuntu User #12459