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[ale] Database consulting in return for homebrew?

ALE with ale!! Works for me!!

We need an ALE get-together that involves adult libations concocted by
crafters of adult libations. :-)

Maybe we need an ALE-brewing engineering get-together as well. What parts do
we have and what's missing from the collection? I can speak clearly that a
1/4 O.D. copper tube is too damn small to siphon wort through for a
counterflow cooler.

2008/12/8 Charles Shapiro <hooterpincher at gmail.com>

> The current batch is a bottle-conditioned all grain brown ale roughly based
> on Papazian's Monkey's Paw recipe from the first Joy of Homebrew.  I don't
> have my notes handy, so I can't tell you the ISG and FSG, or even what my
> hopping was.   It came out plenty rich & chocalaty, and I've had some good
> reviews, although I haven't entered it in any contests.  I added some
> jaggery as a booster which seems to have contributed some interesting
> notes.
> A RIMS system is definitely in my dreams, but right now I'm mashing in a
> picnic drink cooler and sparging through a gravity-fed sprinkler system (a
> "beer tree" I built from plans in  BYO magazine). I have just aquired a
> laboratory stirrer which I'm anxious to try out at the  end of my next boil.
> The batch in the secondary alas _is_ syrup. I brew outdoors and have
> difficulty with temperature control in the winter. Besides, I was
> introducing a buddy  to the joys of propane and large pots of boiling wort.
> I racked it this past weekend and it seems to be quite hoppy.
> NB that Jim Kinney is a homebrewer of note here. Hey! Maybe it's part of
> the Open Source Culture!
> -- CHS
> 2008/12/8 Sid Lane <jakes.dad at gmail.com>
> nobody's asked the CORRECT ?:
>> unless your name is Glen Sprouse (in which case I'm at your disposal) what
>> kind (style) of beer?  what type of malt(s)/what's the initial/final
>> gravity?  was is mashed RIMS or manually (don't even THINK about trying to
>> pass off syrup!)?  what type of hop(s)/what's the IBU/HBUs?  oh, yeah, you
>> might want to throw in a few SWAG metrics about you DB as well... :D
>> FWIW, I'm the MySQL DBA for a very well-known website & have been told I'm
>> reasonably well versed on such matters...
>> Sid
>> 2008/12/6 Charles Shapiro <hooterpincher at gmail.com>
>>> Any DBAs out there interested in consulting on a smallish database
>>> project? I have a smallish MySQL db designed for a side-project, but I've
>>> never done this kind of thing before and would like a set of expert eyes to
>>> look at it. I'll buy you lunch and give ya a six-pack of pretty ok
>>> homebrew..
>>> -- CHS
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James P. Kinney III
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