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[ale] Database consulting in return for homebrew?

nobody's asked the CORRECT ?:

unless your name is Glen Sprouse (in which case I'm at your disposal) what
kind (style) of beer?  what type of malt(s)/what's the initial/final
gravity?  was is mashed RIMS or manually (don't even THINK about trying to
pass off syrup!)?  what type of hop(s)/what's the IBU/HBUs?  oh, yeah, you
might want to throw in a few SWAG metrics about you DB as well... :D

FWIW, I'm the MySQL DBA for a very well-known website & have been told I'm
reasonably well versed on such matters...


2008/12/6 Charles Shapiro <hooterpincher at gmail.com>

> Any DBAs out there interested in consulting on a smallish database project?
> I have a smallish MySQL db designed for a side-project, but I've never done
> this kind of thing before and would like a set of expert eyes to look at it.
> I'll buy you lunch and give ya a six-pack of pretty ok homebrew..
> -- CHS
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