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[ale] Debian Users

Jim Moore wrote:
> Thanks for your reply Preston.  Do any of your laptops have intel
> wireless.  Mine is a Gateway with Intel Centrino with the IPW2200 series
> wireless.  It uses the Intel 2915 ABG dirver set and the IPW3.0 Firmware.
> Am attempting to determine if it is problematical with "Etch".  With fc6
> my wireless disappears everytime the kernel upgrades.  Was working last
> week under 2.6.20-1.2933.  Saturday it upgraded to 2.6.20-1.2944 and
> it's gwtw
> again. 
> Jim

not a problem.  both of mine use the Atheros chipset.  they were not
handled by the version of Madwifi at the time, so i used the svn
version.  i have not had any problems in doing so.

when i upgrade my kernel i have to remember to get my kernel headers and
re-run my "make" routine to create the modules i need.  this usually
takes just a couple of minutes at the local coffee shop (no internet at
my house).  i say this because it sounds similar to your fc6 upgrade quirks.

the current version of madwifi would probably fix my having to re-run my
little routine with each kernel upgrade except for three things:
1) i am lazy
2) since it works so well, i never think about changing it
3) i am lazy

i know several using ndiswrapper, but i prefer the madwifi way.

i don't see you having an issue with that laptop under debian.  i
haven't really paid much attention to what your distro of choice is, but
if you want some generic debian advice i will assist with what i can.  i
have installed debian (and debian derivatives) on many, many laptops,
and usually the only thing that gives trouble is the modem and "special"
buttons for DVD players and such.

oh, i don't know what your preference is for software and such, but i
run a mix of "testing" and "unstable" on my laptops generally. i have
had no issues whatsoever and i like how things are current with the
"other guys".  doing so is extremely easy, and if you are interested i
will update my sources.list i have available on my website to reflect my
current changes.

there is also a debian-laptop group that i play around in occasionally.
 like here, there are some sharp people willing to help.

unlike here, they probably don't know how to give directions referencing
the big chicken...