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[ale] Car PC's and internet radio?

On Monday 16 April 2007 5:28:47 pm Ned Williams wrote:
> I was just curious if anyone out in ALE land has not only added a linux box
> of their choice of flavor to their car..but if they also given it enough
> mobile bandwidth so sustain an internet radio feed. I have done this with my
> treo ptunes and an mp3 2.5mm connector to my head unit but I am wondering
> about a slightly more permanent solution based off linux. And of course
> there is the fact that the treo + EDGE can only do 96 KPS streams reliably.
> Any EVDO, G3 or WiMax cars out there?  Who needs HD radio and its
> commercials or Sat radio and its rediculour rates if you have the net at
> your disposal....
> Ned

I installed a pc from mini-box.org in my truck.  I am running feisty fawn on it now. 
I use it for raido (FM still) and of course mp3's and the occasional video.  I have a usb wireless adapter for any hotspot.  And I use GPSDrive for maps.

I have pics if anyone is interested.