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[ale] OT: Charter Broadband

On Sunday 22 April 2007 21:01, Scott Castaline wrote:
| Also for all you SF guys, I presume that since everyone seems to think 
| highly of their tech support, that it is local at least in the US and 
| not in Bangladesh????

I can vouch for Speakeasy.  Their tech support is on the west coast
(Washington, I believe). They're happy that I'm not afraid of the command
line and have no problems with Linux.  When I tell them I can't reach 
their DNS servers, they don't waste time asking me to power cycle the
DSL box.  Yes, they have to work through Covad and sometimes that causes
delays as Covad has to kick BS to repair a "last mile" problem.

I'll admit to being somewhat worried now that they have been bought by Best
Buy, but as long as the tech support stays as it is I'll stay with them.
For me the high grade tech support, the fixed IP address, and the extra
accounts/mail boxes are worth the extra bucks over BS/ATT.

If Best Buy moves the tech support moves off shore, I'll move to Speed


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