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[ale] automounted externals don't show up in 'df'

Robert Story wrote:
> On Mon, 16 Apr 2007 09:13:16 -0400 Geoffrey wrote:
> G> I've always relied on the output of 'df' to check the available space 
> G> for mounted filesystems.  On SuSE, automounted external drives don't 
> G> show up.  I have no idea why, but anyone know of another way to figure 
> G> out the available space on something that's not showing up in 'df' output?
> does 'df -a' show them?

Apparently the output differs dependent on the last time you access the 

/dev/sdc2 146524356  10857020 135667336   8% /media/ieee1394disk_1
/dev/sdc1         0         0         0   -  /media/ieee1394disk_2
/dev/sdd1 292978112  51752448 241225664  18% /media/ieee1394disk
/dev/sdi1         0         0         0   -  /media/usbdisk

All of these are external drives.  /dev/ieee1394disk I unmounted and 
remounted and it is listed with a 'df' with no options.

Wierd thing is, ieee1394disk_1 and ieee1394disk_2 are on the same 
hardware, just different partitions.

Until later, Geoffrey

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