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[ale] OT:Maybe, it does involve FC6

Recently I reinstalled FC6 from scratch, after rearranging my HDDs. I 
noticed that the current hplip version that Fedora has is 1.6.12. When I 
went to run hp-setup, it would dump out with "error:unable to connect to 
hpiod" and the same for hplip. It suggested that I restart hplip, which 
I did several times with no change. Googling only turned up the same 
feed back and most people were having problems with USB direct connects, 
mine is networked. I then downloaded hplip-1.7.3 and tried installing 
that getting the same thing.

After several hours I installed hplip-1.6.10, which is what I had prior 
to all this and it worked fine. The hp-toolkit GUI worked fine, for 
printing, FAXing, and scanning. I liked it because it gave me warnings 
of low ink. I even tried going through CUPs localhost:631 way to setup 
the printer. It would allow me to create the printer, but when I went to 
  do a test print nothing would happen. I deleted it from there and 
recreated it through the system->admin->printing app. I am able to print 
but xsane does not "see" it. I would like to get working the way I had 
it before, through the HP Device Manager, as I think that's why some of 
the functions aren't working

Also even though it says that HPLIP-1.6.10 is the version that I've got 
running, with all of the switching versions, how do I know that bit and 
pieces of other versions aren't lingering around possibly causing 
problems. Short of reinstall of FC6 again, which I'm not sure how that 
would take since I'm now using LVM and I don't want to lose that as I've 
got about 2 weeks of .flac files (close to 100GB).