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[ale] OT Re[2]: Is this for Real

Robert Reese wrote:
> I was lucky growing up... we had *seven* channels, and one even lasted past Midnight on the weekends!  (Do you remember waking up in the La-Z-Boy having passed out, barely able to move from the hypnotic effect of tv snow?  That was some good snoozin')
> BTW, our first cable came with a set-top box with a little knob labelled "OFF" and "ON".  Appropriately, it was called ONTV.  Yes, it had exactly *one* channel.  HBO came out about a year later as a competitor, and IIRC, it had four channels and something most people had never seen... a remote control.
> Now where'd I put that Just For Men....
> Robert~
We had one.  The first TV on the block was a very small and quite dark 
screen.  The owners set up folding chairs in their living room so 
neighbors could watch.  I wandered in to see what all the fuss was about 
and here was this fat lady howling.  I found out later that was called 
singing.  It was Kate Smith.  I decided that I didn't really like TV at 
that point.  The station was a MBS (Mutual Broadcasting System) member 
but a lot of the content was locally producted by University students.  
It came on at about 7am and went off at about 11pm.  My dad got a TV a 
couple of years after that and I recall my first addiction was to 
Captain Video.  There I was introduced to Tobar the robot.

To heck with the Just for Men, where's the rogain and my dental paste?