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[ale] OT Re[2]: Is this for Real

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On 4/10/2007 at 8:11 AM Jeff Lightner wrote:

>I must be old.   Until I was a teenager one was lucky to even get 4
>channels (ABC, NBC, CBS and PBS) because outside the big cities usually
>there was only 1 network station and *possibly* access to a public TV
>Even once basic cable came in we only had about 13 channels originally
>and many of those were duplicate network affiliates from the nearest big
>city.   I remember my disgust when I first subscribed to HBO as one of
>the few premiums available only to have part it its schedule eaten up
>with things like Fraggle Rock.

I was lucky growing up... we had *seven* channels, and one even lasted past Midnight on the weekends!  (Do you remember waking up in the La-Z-Boy having passed out, barely able to move from the hypnotic effect of tv snow?  That was some good snoozin')

BTW, our first cable came with a set-top box with a little knob labelled "OFF" and "ON".  Appropriately, it was called ONTV.  Yes, it had exactly *one* channel.  HBO came out about a year later as a competitor, and IIRC, it had four channels and something most people had never seen... a remote control.

Now where'd I put that Just For Men....


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