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[ale] Hooking up SCSI appliances to USB/IEEE1394... possible?

Okay.  This is probably going to sound a little bit crazy.

I have a computer that has a copious amount of USB ports, and a IEEE
1394 port, but no PCI, PCIe, AGP, or ISA expansion slots.  I am actually
fine with this, because converter adapters exist for virtually
everything.  Except, I cannot seem to find one that I want.  It isn't
critical, so if these do not exist, it's no big deal, but I would like
to hook up an external SCSI device (a scanner) to this computer.  Is
there anything like a SCSI host adapter for USB or IEEE1394 that would
enable the scanner to be used?

If not, that's fine.  It's just that this scanner works with SANE and I
don't want to have to research another one for this computer when I can
move the one that is already hooked up.


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