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[ale] Modular Power Supply cabling

Is there a way to get extra SATA modular power cables for modular based power supplies?

What would be a good power supply for an Antec P180 case that was filled out with eight WD5000YS drives, one DVDRW, Tyan S2881UG2NR mobo, two Opteron 248, and 2Gb RAM?  I've always ended up with too many cables crammed in small spaces.  SATA cables help but dealing with the power cables is a pain.  Modular cabling helps but I need to get additional cables since I have so many SATA drives.  Has anyone found good solutions for reducing the pain of power cabling?  Should I give up on the smaller Antec P180 case and go for a Lian Li PC-V2000BplusII that has tons of room?

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