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[ale] batch image resizing


I'm new to this list, but I did play with using Imagemagick in PERL a few 
years back to automate some image processing, so these scripts might be 
useful too you as sortof a proof in concept.

I wrote them as an experiment to learn Perl and to be able to process IPTC 
embedded information (captions, dates, photographer...) as well as doing 
resizing and such. One is a shell script which can remove the spaces in file 
names, and also resize pictures. The Perl script would also modify the 
embedded info in the images and create .desc files which could be fed to 
curator ( http://furius.ca/curator/ ) which is a python script which creates 
static image galleries.

It all worked at the time (to create sortof a yearbook-on-cd) although I 
haven't gone back to it since. Anyway, hope it's useful.

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