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[ale] batch image resizing

aaron wrote:
> The command accepts multiple file names and shell globbing,
> so you can easily do a whole directory at a time:
> %>    mogrify -resize x1280 "my_image_dir/*.jpg"
> > 

thanks.  i will give that a try.

> Hope that helps!
>  (-: The rest of the script processes I'll leave to you... :-)

that's fine.  i really want to do as much of it myself as i can.  i am
more of an "end user" now, so when i get a chance to do something like
this i am really looking more for suggestions than have someone do it
for me.

i am trying to take it one step at a time.

for the renaming of the .cbr files back to .rar files i am using:

ls -d *.cbr | sed 's/\(.*\).cbr$/mv "&" "\1.rar"/' | sh

and it seems to work well.

now i have to get it to see if there is a cbr file and if not then look
for a cbz file.

wow but it has been a long time...