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[ale] OT: Music Majors & Math (was Comcast speeds)

> I had to laugh at the comment about lack of creativity and innovative
> thinking.   Those that are ardent right wingers do NOT want creativity
> and innovative thinking - they simply want you to believe what they do
> because they "know" they are right.

I'm not an "ardent right-winger" - if anything, I disagree with a lot of
both of the major parties.

However, it's an infection of extremes on both ends: the ultra-right wing
and the ultra-left wing both don't want anyone disagreeing with them,
because they get the most of their agenda done if they don't.

One of the beauties of the OSS world is that you have liberals,
conservatives, libertarians, socialists, and every other hue of the
political spectrum. Regardless of our collective differences, we can still
manage to pull off some really cool projects.


"God may not play dice with the universe, but something strange is going on
with the prime numbers." --Paul Erd?s
"It's not possible. We are the type of people who have everything in our
favor going against us." --Ben Jarhvi, Short Circuit 2
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