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[ale] OT: Music Majors & Math (was Comcast speeds)

On 04/03/2007 05:39:04 PM, aaron wrote:
> On Tuesday 03 April 2007 15:57, Jerald Sheets wrote:
> As a general rule, music students statistically do very
> well with
> mathematics -  similar brain skills seem to be involved.
> Of course, the effect of the test obsessed  "Every Child
> Abandoned"
> educational budget slashing is that  music and arts
> programs are the
> first to get the ax.  Then they get perplexed when little
> Joan and
> Johnny continue to struggle with math and seem incapable
> of innovative
> or abstract thinking.
I have to admit that my perception isn't quite the same, as  
my kids got quite good music exposure coming through  
school, and the local arts community was pretty effective  
in protecting the art and music programs. Not perfect, but  
effective. Science, on the other hand, has been weak at  
best, and very poorly defended. IMHO, of course, and I  
don't really have any good references to back me up.

Other than that, the comments regarding "Every Child  
Abandoned" is pretty much ditto squared here. You cann't  
test quality into an education, you have to work at it