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[ale] Apache Question

AFAIK, that setting is client-side, and not server-side.

However, if you go into your httpd.conf file, there should be a section that
covers extensions and x-application types. You may be able to force/suggest
something there.


On 4/2/07, Terry Bailey <terry at bitlinx.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there any way to point to an mp3/m4v/mov file on Apache so that
> you can just download the file via http and not automatically play it
> with some player?
> Instead of thanking each person who has helped me, I say a collective
> "thanks" to all the people who have answered questions (I am sure
> there will be more), what a great repository of knowledge.  In
> addition, I learn a lot by reading responses to other questions. This
> has to be the best LUG anywhere in the world.
> Terry Bailey
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