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Dow Hurst wrote:
>I have installed SUSE 9.3 on the Compal FL30 laptop. Currently the 
>touchpad is configured as a IMPS/2 Explorer type touchpad on the psaux 
>port. I get a predictable error of the cursor quickly moving to the edge 
>of the screen and activating mouse events with a series of uncontrolled 
>mouse button pushes. Dmesg says an unknown Logitech mouse type 99 when 
>booting the machine. It has a touchpad shown as * with two large buttons 
>shown as X and two small buttons shown as A and B like so:
>The errors happen randomly and the mouse function can be completely lost 
>from X. I've recovered by switching to virtual terminal 1 and rebooting. 
>Lost mouse error events are reported in /var/log/messages when the 
>touchpad acts up. I'm not sure what type of touchpad it is and would 
>like to know the best way to find out. I have the nvidia driver for 3d 
>acceleration working since the laptop has Geforce Go 6200TC video hardware.
>The Intel 2200 wifi worked great after the install. But later, when I 
>switched the interface in Yast2 to "manual control" from "auto 
>configured at boot" so I could turn it on and off when I wanted, then I 
>couldn't turn the interface on. It seems permanently turned off and no 
>MAC address shows in ifconfig eth1. The ipw2200 driver reports that the 
>RF switch is active at boot and the rfswitch file buried in /sysfs for 
>the driver reports the rfswitch=2. I can't find a way to turn the kill 
>switch off such as echoing a 0 or 1 into the rfswitch file under the 
>/sysfs pci bus subdirectory for the ipw2200 driver. I've tried iwpriv to 
>set_power from 6 (OFF) to 0-5 but still I don't get wifi response. The 
>set_power setting seems to relate to powersave modes but doesn't seem to 
>affect the kill switch. There is an external LED and external Mode 
>button on the laptop for the wifi. I haven't had any response from 
>pressing the button that I can tell. I've even deleted the wifi 
>interface in Yast2 and reinstalled/reconfigured but with no change in 
>status. I don't think the ipw2200 driver has control over the kill 
>switch nor does the kernel seem to have a way to control it that I have 
>The USB 2.0 Camera built into the laptop lid is reported by lsusb as a 
>camera device on one of the USB hubs. I would like to know how to access 
>and control the device. Xawtv4 doesn't find the device and neither does 
>There is a multi card reader slot in the laptop I haven't tried out yet 
>for SD and MMC type cards.
>The laptop is definitely a newer Compal that is just rebranded as a 
&gt;Intrex laptop (<a  rel="nofollow" href="http://www.intrex.com/pcs/Notebook.aspx";>http://www.intrex.com/pcs/Notebook.aspx</a>). Chem USA 
&gt;(www.chemusa.com) advertises it as the Sonoma Whitebook 2030 if that 
&gt;helps. It has the Intel 915GM chipset with a Pentium M CPU. I like this 
&gt;laptop alot and would like to mainly get the touchpad stable and the 
&gt;wifi back on. The camera would be nice to control but isn't the most 
&gt;important item. The other items like the firewire port and PCMCIA slot 
&gt;are reported properly and configured.
&gt;BIOS info:
&gt;Insyde Software MobilePRO BIOS Version 4.20.10
&gt;EFL30/31 BIOS Version V1.03
&gt;Pentium M 1.86GHz
&gt;1.31GB RAM
&gt;Insyde ACPI BIOS Initialized Version 4.20.09
&gt;Dmesg mouse info:
&gt;logips2pp: Detected unknown logitech mouse model 99
&gt;input: ImPS/2 Logitech Wheel Mouse on isa0060/serio4
&gt;and later in /var/log/messages
&gt;psmouse.c: Wheel Mouse at isa0060/serio4/input0 lost synchronization, 
&gt;throwing 2 bytes away
&gt;psmouse.c: issuing reconnect request
&gt;logips2pp: Detected unknown logitech mouse model 99
&gt;psmouse.c: failed to reset mouse on isa0060/serio1
&gt;input: PS/2 Generic Mouse on isa0060/serio1
&gt;psmouse.c: failed to enable mouse on isa0060/serio1
&gt;psmouse.c: Bad data from KBC - timeout
&gt;I'll be happy to post more info from dmesg, /proc, and /sysfs if 
&gt;requested. Any thoughts or ideas on how to address these issues? Thanks 
&gt;for your help,
&gt;Ale mailing list
&gt;Ale at ale.org
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