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[ale] Colo NE Metro Atlanta?

The bofh refers to this as the "Appeasement Engineer". At a certain fortune 
500 company that shall remain nameless, we called it "Warm body support". 
Meaning, if we got someone with a pulse to your location within the contract 
specified time, we were cool till we could get someone there that had a clue 
(or at least part of one)


On 8/31/05, William Bagwell <rb211 at tds.net> wrote:
> Heh, reminds me of a story I read somewhere; Service contract at a *very*
> remote location stipulated they would have a "technician" on site within
> some short time frame, so the vendor hired a local farmer.... He would 
> show
> up well within the allotted time and always declare the problem required
> more advanced help. Then he would sit (often in filthy work cloths) until
> the real technicians arrived hours later.
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