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[ale] Colo NE Metro Atlanta?

Bob - I recommend avoiding S1 Communications.  They're located in 
Technology Park in the Duluth/Norcross area.  They provided us with very 
poor access to the numerous Racks (not U's)  that we were paying a very 
high premium for.  We had 2 racks there, and we were never given 
immediate access to them.  Even with a 30 minute call-ahead, we always 
had to wait at least 30 minutes in the lobby before we could get into 
the datacenter.  In a mission-critical situation, a 30 minute wait to 
get into your own datacenter is ridiculous.

If the locale weren't an issue, I'd recommend Inflo communications 
(Downtown ATL, near 14th St.).  They're extremely strict on access, but 
they also allow their customers to access their hardware easily (unlike S1).

Kind regards,

Bob Toxen wrote:

>I'm hoping for some recommendations for a colo facility in NE Metro
>Atlanta (as close as possible to my location in Duluth/Norcross) for
>a client.  They want to start with 7U of space and about 1000 GB/month.
>They want redundant Internet feeds and uninterruptable power.
>E-Deltacom certainly is high on the consideration list.
>Also, who are the ALE E-Deltacom contacts?
>The client is a well-known Linux-friendly company.
>Bob Toxen
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