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[ale] Voip on linux?

You've asked  a very broad question.

I suppose you are looking for a one-stop computer app to work with a 
provider such as Broadvoice, Lingo, or Packet8.  Try SJphone 
(http://www.sjlabs.com/products.html) or Firefly 

If you just need outbound, look at voxee.com or voipjet.com.

I recommend you go out and get yourself an adapter (i.e. Handytone 286) 
for ~$60 and talk with a real phone.  What's one more accessory in your 
laptop bag?  It's smaller than your fist.

Or, if you really meant to ask "how do I run a kick-butt PBX on my linux 
server?" see Asterisk:

Brian Whigham
Yonder Networks

Robert L. Harris wrote:

>  Anyone actually have VOIP on linux running?  I'm thinking of starting
>to play with it and would like some recomendations on provider and
>software, etc.  Can I get a mic/headphones and use my laptop at home and
>at work?  Any quick readme's or other useful suggestions?
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