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[ale] Can I tell my Linksys router to always serve the same I P address?

Mills, John M. wrote:

>Jim -
>I have a couple of simple LinkSys routers and a brand-X ('Airlink'), and all
>work the same way: if a machine is to have a specific IP, I must set up its
>configuration and its IP must lie in a range defined by the router.
>Setup includes identifying nameservers' IPs (on the WAN - I use my ISP's
>DNS), but those are the same IPs I gave the router got when I set _it_ up:
>it's manual, but I have the information.
>Machines to which ports are forwarded must have static IPs on the LAN (says
>the manual).
>My Linux and Win boxen (and an anecdotal sample of other toys - latest a
>LinkSys VoIP modem) generally _request_ that DHCP re-serve them the last IP
>address they had, and these seem to be honored where they don't conflict
>with my LAN IP range and other active machines. I suppose there is no
>guarantee of this behavior. 
>I haven't seen any expiry on those assignements.
>I know this doesn't meet all your criteria, but it seems to achieve what you
> - Mills
I noticed the same behavior here, but I didn't know if I could rely on 
it or not.  The manual for this version of the box is quite useless for 
doing anything other than installing it.  It doesn't address most of the 
options available.  I haven't seen a way to set the expiration time 
anywhere either.

I've got a spare system or two.  I may have to turn one of them into a