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[ale] Still no flames... :-)

Jeff Hubbs wrote:
> Geoffrey wrote:

>>What is it that sucks about it?  It's supported on virtually every 
>>existing platform.  That's a whole lot more then can be said for M$ Office.
> That *is* a very good question, but "It's supported on virtually every
> existing platform" is, to me, not a justification nor a good contrary point.
> PDF seems to be a "half-open" format; up to a certain point, it seems to 
> be as open as you please.  However, Adobe seems to wall off some 
> functionality within their closed-source Linux product and also, in a 
> more general way, they seem to set some functionality out of reach of 
> arbitrarily-written apps that read/write PDF.  Somewhere way beyond that 
> wall - and correct me if i'm wrong, someone - is functionality that can 
> get you charged with a crime if you write code to implement it (i.e., 
> having to do with password-encoded content).

Although I agree with your points, do recall the original point of the 
thread was M$ office vs. pdf.  pdf is certainly more available then the 
M$ platform solution.

Until later, Geoffrey