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...Because they'll immediately be back on your phone
crying for a doc file, and claiming that the customer
will accept nothing less.   Then, if you don't give
them one, they'll copy/paste whatever they can into a
word doc, and it'll look remarkably crappy.  [1]

Employer sees this, and assumes you did it, not the
recruiter, and you never hear from them.  [2]

I just go ahead and send one.  It's just too much of a
PITA to try and change people's minds..>ESPECIALLY
when they think the "Internet's broken" because they
can't launch IE.  (since it's full of

Jerald M. Sheets

[1] Happened to me.
[2] They hired a friend who related what happened.


No flames, but 99.9% of the time, they will be able to
view a pdf 
version.  Further, it's more work for them to modify
it, which some of 
them do.

Why take a chance on spreading a virus?  Spread
knowledge, send them a 
pdf. :)

Until later, Geoffrey
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