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[ale] Still no flames... :-)

On Tuesday 23 August 2005 18:20, Christopher R. Curzio wrote:
> I don't see how you can say PDF sucks because it "requires bloatware to
> view." That's absurd. Acrobat Reader is a fairly lightweight application
> (especially the *nix version), and if that's too heavy there's always
> GPDF, which works great.
... and that's before the considering the scope of different capabilities 
between the two formats.  While RTF has it's place as a simple, low overhead, 
basic document format standard, PDF  provides nearly total document 
formatting control, which pretty fully justify the added overhead.

Of course, if computers capable of easily handling the resource demands of PDF 
weren't readily and affordably available, the scales would lean more toward 
the advantages of smaller size and lower overhead.

> And of course, there's pretty much any and every application on OS X that
> can read and write PDF. 

Actually, as I understand the workings of OSeX, even if the application isn't 
directly supporting PDF, every aspect of the display system and user 
interface will be!  :-)  Quite literally, everything one sees on a Mac OSeX 
screen is rendered PDF.