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[ale] Still no flames... :-)

Jim Popovitch wrote:
>   top shows acroread using 5.9% of memory without ever loading a
> document.  XFree is only using 5.2%, Firefox 4.2%, Evolution 4.0.  YMMV.
> Gpdf is nice, at least until you want to print the PDF (but who on earth
> would ever need to do that, right?) *shrugs*

I've never had a problem printing from xpdf or gpdf unless I'm having
problems printing anything PostScript... YMMV on that, as well.  There
are ways to improve nearly everything.  And, while 94 MB may be a lot
for a viewer, it's more the just a viewer.  PDF is a pretty great
standard, and it's useful, and it's portable.  It's great, especially
when you can generate documents using it with one click without having
to pay anything, and you know that you can distribute those documents
without worrying about a layman "doing you a favor" by editing it.

	- Mike

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