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[ale] Gone OT: Cobb Laptop Deal

On Wednesday August 17 2005 14:21, Geoffrey wrote:
> aaron wrote:
> > Stating it another way, if there were a Great Omnipotent Deity behind the 
> > existence of the universe, then the best argument for this ultimate 
> > intelligence would be a universe comprised entirely of the cyclic, self 
> > sustaining and evolutionary mechanisms that human science uncovers and 
> > explores. The perfect intelligent universe will allow that its all 
> > creator need never lift a finger beyond the Big Bang; just light the fuse, 
> > pop a cold one, sit back and enjoy the fireworks!   There's nothing more 
> > elegantly intelligent than the idea of spark once, run forever!
> Aaron, that's where your thought process is flawed. 

His argument is without flaw. Pretty clever I must add.

> God is a  
> micro-manager. :) (Thank God! :) ) 

Then, why do babies die? (knee-jerk rhetorical question)

> Haven't you ever put your heart and  
> soul into the creation of anything?  Certainly you have. 

Me too! Me too!

> Do you then  
> just sit it on the shelf and stare at it?  I think not.

If it is well-designed, it needs little or no maintenance.

Aside from children, why would some create something that needs lots of 

> How can you actually think that you could possibly understand the 
> thought process of God?

He may *be* God.

> Please, don't let this start a flame war.  The list doesn't need it and 
> I want to have the last word.
> -- 
> Until later, Geoffrey

As long as we stick to the generic "God" it's all good. 
The second someone adds a brandname, shutdown the server. :)
Wishing you Happiness, Joy, and Laughter,
Drew Brown