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[ale] multiple monitors - different desktops

With the Xorg Multihead extension (I forgot what it was called, something 
like chimera) you don't need matched monitors.  At work I have an 14.1" LCD 
at 1400x1050 and a POS 17" CRT that's only 1280x1024 connected to a ATI Rage 
Mobility that works just fine in FC4 and windows.  Xorg will allow you to 
pick the settings for each monitor individually.  Gnome and Xfce seem to 
handle the different resolutions just fine. 

At home I have an NVidea GeForce4 with dual crt outputs that connects to a 
17" LCD and a 17" CRT both running 1280x1024.  I don't use the Xorg 
extension for the setup but rely on a driver option provided by the NVidea 


Preston Boyington writes: 

> I know some of you use multiple monitors to "spread" your desktop over a larger space (or maybe different workspaces on each monitor), but do they have to be a matched set? 
> I am designing a setup for my home office and want to have a 19" LCD (centered) with two 17" LCD's on either side.  The 19" would be my main work screen and the 17's would feature my e-mail/spreadsheets/markups/whatever. 
> Any recommendations on multi-head video cards, setup options, etc?  What monitors are you using? 
> Thanks all,
> Preston
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