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[ale] multiple monitors - different desktops

On Fri, 2005-08-05 at 10:22 -0500, Preston Boyington wrote:
> I know some of you use multiple monitors to "spread" your desktop over a larger space (or maybe different workspaces on each monitor), but do they have to be a matched set?
> I am designing a setup for my home office and want to have a 19" LCD (centered) with two 17" LCD's on either side.  The 19" would be my main work screen and the 17's would feature my e-mail/spreadsheets/markups/whatever.
> Any recommendations on multi-head video cards, setup options, etc?  What monitors are you using?
> Thanks all,
> Preston
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No they don't have to be a matched set.

I currently use an eVGA Nvidia 6800GT. Nvidia drivers have the option to
run a single desktop using a multi-monitor setup or a multi-monitor
setup running 2 separate desktops. I tended to always use the 2 decktop
approach, but that is a matter of taste. Of coarse most new Graphics
cards will probably do duel display.

Monitors: I have used 2 CRT monitors (21" and 19") in the past, but have
recently  switched to LCDs which I bought from Dell. I really like these
monitors and so far, the reviews have been outstanding. 

Hope this helps.

Randy Ramsdell