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[ale] Squirrelmail, PHP5, dovecot - SOLVED!

James P. Kinney III said:
> On Wed, 2005-08-03 at 21:14 -0400, John Wells wrote:
> Got it working!!
> What I found:
> 1. IPV6 uses a different calling sequence in the fsockopen(). It
> requires [] around the ip address (which is lacking in all uses of
> fsockopen everywhere in SM. It would require some other testing to
> determine what format is being used and then build the fsockopen().
> 2. RH4 defaults to using IPV6 (which is now turned off in modprobe.conf
> with "alias net-pf-10 off".
> 3. used an IP address NOT affiliated with a virtual interface. (That was
> strange)

IPV6?  Wow...that's something I would have never thought to check (now
added to troubleshooting memory banks).  I'm surprised RH4 defaults to

Glad you figured it out!