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[ale] OT: underclocking?

Hi everyone,

My FC3 machine quit booting the other day -- NOTHING happens
when power is applied, except that the fans spin up. I tried
booting the bare board with just video and RAM, and got the
same behavior. So I'm thinking that either the Mmotherboard or
the CPU is shot, but I don't know which.

The box was a 1.2GHz Socket 370 Celeron on a Gigabyte GX-6VTXE
mobo, running a 100MHz FSB. I do have another Socket 370 MB here,
a Compaq Prosignia, but it only supports chips up to 500MHz and
a 66MHz FSB. Can I reasonably expect that, if my 1.2GHz chip is
OK, it would work in the slower MB?


-- Joe Knapka