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>On Monday 26 January 2004 00:28, Adam Levenstein wrote:
>>Did SCO hire Jim Allchin to be the head of PR or something?
>>What on Earth are these people smoking?
>Seems to me that SCO is just following the methods of lobbying the
>republican controlled congress that have been so effective for the Bush 
>regime. All you need to do is tell some bold faced lies to the House and 
>Senate about frabricated dangers and threats. Once they are sufficiently 
>terrorized,  reactionary replaces reason, all debate is quashed and the 
>cowering rabble immediately passes any anti-constutional, draconian 
>legislation you tell them to.
>The only stretch here is that Linux is not a nuclear weapons program, but 
>given the corporate lap dog nature of our current government and the absurd 
>Orwellian double-speak like "jobless recovery" that we keep getting from the 
>radical regime, SCO is just playing the odds that congress and most of the 
>citizens they are supposed to represent will believe absolutely any lie you 
>tell them.
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Aaron, do not forget the Dems are the same way only with global warming, 
snail darters, owls, etc.  Lets not put all blame on the Republicians.  
The defective 2 party system has the same flaws on both sides.


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